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In Produktionsvorbereitung / Drehbuch gefördert von der FFA-Berlin (Filmförderungsanstalt)


Liebe und Intrige und das Opfer ist ein Kind

Der in Siebenbürgen geborene Carl Filtsch ist schon mit fünf Jahren ein musikalisches Wunderkind. Sein älterer Bruder Joseph erhält den Auftrag, das kleine Klavier-Genie zu begleiten und sich um dessen steile Karriere an den verschiedenen europäischen Königshöfen zu kümmern. Doch politische Interessen, Machtkämpfe, finanzielle Druckmittel und eine verbotene Liebe wetteifern mit den fulminanten Konzerten und bringen unaufhaltsam Carls Leben in Gefahr. Carl ist hin und her gerissen – zwischen seiner Leidenschaft, seinen eigenen Grenzen und den Interessen der Erwachsenen.



Who ist Carl Filtsch (1830-1845)? The boy, who conquered whole Europe with his incredible talent as a pianoplayer and composer – just in seven years…

1835, in the middle of Transylvania. The little Carl is five years old and already a great talent as a pianoplayer. Count Bánffy and his beautiful wife, Jeanette, propose to take him to Vienna, to be taught by the best teachers of that time. But his mother, the person he loves most, is against it – her boy is too young to be so far away from the parental home. Carl, however, knows what he wants and doesn’t want to give up his dream. Count Bánffy sees in Carl the chance to expedite his own political career at the Imperial Court in Vienna. The boy’s oldest brother, Josef, also sees in Carl the opportunity to realize his professional ambitions. Moreover, he could enjoy close proximity to the beautiful countess, even if she is, as the Count Bánffy’s wife, out of his league.
Finally the decision is made: Carl, now seven years old, leaves with his brother Josef for Vienna. From this point on, Carl’s career seems not to be stopped anymore. His best friend, Franz, is the same age as Carl, and will later become the Austrian Emperor. As Carl´s star rises at the Austrian imperial court and his dedication and charm win him fans across Europe, the ambitious Count Bánffy also climbs to the top.

Meanwhile, Josef and Jeanette are blindly in love and unable to stop their feelings for each other. But just as Carl’s career reaches its pinnacle, their secret affair is discovered?. The ensuing scandal threatens to derail Carl’s musical ambitions. Political interests, financial pressures, intrigues, and a demanding tour schedule exhaust the young pianist.

Carl, seriously ill by now, is the first person that manages to make Chopin socially acceptable at the British Royal Court; everyone predicts a magnificent future for this “second Mozart”. As Josef is torn between his dedication to his younger brother and his love for Jeanette, and Count Bánffy recklessly pursues his own interests, nobody seems to notice that the extraordinarily sensitive and talented Carl is buckling under the pressures of his high-profile career. It’s a race against time – to save Carl. After hundreds of concerts and incredible compositions, little Carl has to give up. He dies two weeks before turning fifteen. His wonderful music though will live forever.



Forget the Past

Romantic Thriller – in englischer Sprache

A Romanian senator seeks to cleanse his past and searches for answers in Securitate files. Instead of answers he finds more questions that turn over the life of an American politician, of a young lawyer in Munich and almost kills a beloved woman.

Drehbücher TV

Eine Auswahl von ausgestrahlten TV-Filmen und TV-Serien:

  • 09/2002 ARD – ION-Kein Mann für eine Nacht / NDR / Akzente-Film / ARD Romantic Comedy, Regie Thomas Bohn
  • 01/2003 ARD – Tatort-Mietsache / 2003/ NDR / Studio Hamburg / Co-Autor Thomas Bohn, Regie Daniel Helfer
  • 02/2004 ZDF & ARTE – Das Falsche Opfer / 2004/ ZDF / Arena Aktuell Film und TV GmbH / Psycho Thriller / Co-Autor Andreas Pflueger / Regie Ulrich Stark
  • 2005-2007 ARD – Sturm der Liebe / Bavaria Fernsehproduktion GmbH / Telenovela Dramaturgie (Aufbau & Betreuung der ersten 150 Folgen) und freie Drehbuchautorin
  • 2008-2010 ARD – Marienhof / Bavaria Fernsehproduktion GmbH / Daily / freie Drehbuchautorin / Dramaturgin / Outlinerin
  • 2010-2012 ZDF – Herzflimmern / Bavaria Fernsehproduktion GmbH / Medical Daily / Chef-Dramaturgin / Autorin